Weeks 16

Word Study: Prefixes in-, un-, dis-, mis-

Grammar: Review

Reading: The Wild Robot

Science: Forms of Energy – MELTS C

Math: Multiplication, Division and Review of Fractions

Writing: Nonfiction – Informational

Important Dates

12/5-12/6 – MAPS Testing

12/19 – Class Mug Exchange & Hot Cocoa Party

12/21-1/8 – Winter Break

To Do…

12/8 – HSR permission slips will be sent home on 12/1 and are due 12/8. If you would like your child to participate in the HSR lessons please return permission slips by 12/8. If they are not returned students will participate in the alternative SEL lessons.

Looking Ahead…

HSR Lessons 12/11-12/15

More information can be found here:

Austin ISD: Human Sexuality & Responsibility

4th Grade Lessons

Permission Slip

Alternative SEL Lessons

Year-Long Theme: Interconnectedness
This year, our curriculum will revolve around the theme of interconnectedness. This theme will weave through our reading adventures, Texas history lessons, scientific explorations, and extension projects. Students will gain an understanding and appreciation for the delicate balance that exists in the world around us.