Weeks 25

Word Study: Greek & Latin Roots: chron (time/Greek), temp (time/Latin), loc (place/Latin)

Grammar: Review – Bringing it all together to revise and edit our writing.

Reading: Students will start reading “When Stars Are Scattered,” a graphic memoir and National Book Awards finalist. The story follows Omar Mohamed’s time in a refugee camp in Kenya, where he cared for his brother and dared to dream big.

Social Studies: Immigration & Culture

Science: Soil

Math: Data Analysis & Multiplication/Division Review
New Unit: Students will represent data on a frequency table, dot plot, or stem-and-leaf plot marked with whole numbers and fractions.
Students will solve one- and two-step problems using data in whole number, decimal, and fraction form in a frequency table, dot plot, or stem-and-leaf plot.

Writing: Short & Extended Writing Responses

Online Portfolios: Students will be working on their online portfolios for student-led conferences.

Important Dates

3/11-15 – Spring Break

3/29 (Friday) – No School

4/10 (Wednesday) – No School/Staff Development

5/23 – Last Day of School

Fourth grade field trip information will be posted soon.

Progress Reports will go home by the end of February.

To Do…

Year-Long Theme: Interconnectedness
This year, our curriculum will revolve around the theme of interconnectedness. This theme will weave through our reading adventures, Texas history lessons, scientific explorations, and extension projects. Students will gain an understanding and appreciation for the delicate balance that exists in the world around us.